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Live Music with Mix Tape Grab Bag

Join us April 11th from 5:30pm-7:30pm for some live music at Guglhupf!

Mix Tape Grab Bag is a sonic odyssey like no other. Conceived by visionary guitarist and frontman Hugh Swaso in 2010, this vibrant, live musical experience sweeps through over seven decades of cherished classics and modern hits alike. Based in North Carolina’s culturally rich Triangle, Swaso gathered the region’s best and brightest musicians to form an unparalleled supergroup, giving birth to a fresh and innovative sound that resonates with all who hear it. Among the remarkable talents in Mix Tape Grab Bag’s line-up is local legend and beloved stage personality, Will Ellis. His passion for music and his charismatic stage presence add an extra dimension of dynamism and allure to the group’s performances, captivating audiences and enhancing the ensemble’s overall musicality.

Mix Tape Grab Bag transcends the conventional cover band format, creating a unique, genre-defying blend of nostalgic echoes and modern reinterpretations. With a rotating setlist as diverse as its members, this collective ensures an unpredictable and captivating live experience. They’ve been filling venues across the Eastern United States with their infectious energy and innovative arrangements, delighting crowds with an auditory feast that spans the decades.Their performances are more than just concerts – they are immersive journeys through the history of popular music, where every song is a cherished memory brought back to life. Mix Tape Grab Bag is a testament to the power and enduring appeal of music, deftly woven together into a rich tapestry of sound that unites us all.

So step into the vibrant world of Mix Tape Grab Bag, where music is not just played, but truly experienced. Join Hugh, Will, and the rest of this remarkable ensemble as they embark on their musical journey, creating unforgettable memories one song at a time.

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