Guglhupf Restaurant, Bakery, and Bake Shop Will Be Closed on July 4th.

The Bakery

Our morning baking shift started
at 4:00 in the afternoon...yesterday.

Freshly baked. always.

Based on our roots, we follow traditional European baking methods to transform basic ingredients – flour, water, salt, and sourdough starter or yeast – into a multitude of exquisitely crafted hearty breads.

All of our pastries follow the same process of simple, high quality ingredients that are transformed through craftsmanship. Our offerings span from traditional Viennoiserie to more contemporary, local and seasonal combinations.

In addition, the bakery offers an ever-changing selection of cookies, scones, muffins, desserts, tarts, tortes and holiday specials. We also enjoy designing and creating custom wedding cakes to reflect the vision and personality of the couple with a cake that is as delightful to eat as it looks.

Our commitment to quality is what drives us and has been the single most important ‘ingredient’ since we opened our doors in 1998.

Meet Our Pastry Chef

Katrina Edwards

Katrina Edwards is Brooklyn born and raised pastry chef who mastered pastry at The Culinary Institute of America. Early on, she had a passion for art and grew up in a very artistic household. Her mother is a fashion designer which further inspired her own work. 
Her journey began at The City Bakery in Manhattan as a part time janitor when she was asked to work a kitchen shift because someone didn’t show up for a shift. One thing led to another and Kat fell in love with pastry quickly which led to her dropping out of art school.
In her spare time, you’ll find her hiking or watching a horror movie.
Area of interest for pastry has always been chocolate work.

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If you have an immediate need for your order, we encourage you to visit one of our locations in-person to place your order. Thank you so much!

Notice: All cake orders need to be placed at least 48hrs before the desired pickup time.