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Dessert Care

The most common question is: Should desserts and/or cakes be refrigerated?

As a rule of thumb, if the dessert(s) in question contain dairy then yes, they should be refrigerated.

These include:

  • mousse cakes
  • buttercreme cakes
  • fruit tarts
  • cheese cakes
  • danishes with vanilla cream and fresh fruit
  • cream puffs
  • all of our custard desserts (panne cotta, tiramisu, limoncello cup, etc)


In addition, if the dessert is made with chocolate or has chocolate decorations on it, you may want to refrigerate the item to keep the chocolate firm.


For any of our desserts we suggest that you remove the item from the refrigerator at least 30 minutes prior to serving so that the dessert can come to room temperature for you to enjoy the full range of flavors.

All other baked items, including danishes with fillings that are baked into the product and do not contain dairy, refrigeration is not necessary and will actually reduce the quality of the product. The reason behind this is that baked goods can absorb moisture and appear as soggy or stale since most refrigerators are quite moist. The best way to keep baked treats over night is to store them in an airtight container to keep them from excessively drying out. This can also be accomplished by wrapping your box of sweets in a plastic bag, or if your items are in one of our waxed bags, simple make sure the bag is well sealed and leave it on the counter to enjoy later.



  • Carry the cake, torte or individual desserts as level as possible.
  • When transporting the cake/torte in a car, use your air conditioning (especially in the summer) and do not make sudden turns or stops.

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